October 16, 2005

Linda Ruiz


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Since TAR isn't exactly riveting this season, I figured we could talk about some other shows that we like, too! Karen and I are big Apprentice fans, and I'm absolutely loving this season of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart!

Well, many of you may not know this, but the BEST part of the show actually takes place the following morning, when the "fired" contestant makes the requisite appearance on Martha's daytime show, Martha! It's especially fun when someone totally annoying gets booted (like the last two, Dawn and Shawn, who incidentally bears a freakish resemblance to Jerri Blank). The interaction usually goes something like this:

(Martha plays video of contestant doing something extremely stupid and getting fired)

MARTHA: (grinning) Welcome, _______. You were really AWFUL last night! Really, I mean, I'm sure you're not totally stupid (at least you look like you might be intelligent), but you just made a complete fool of yourself!

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REJECTED "APPRENTICE": (uncomfortable smile)

MARTHA: How could you be so lazy? Aren't you totally embarassed watching that?

REJECTED "APPRENTICE: No, it was fun! I learned a lot! (awkwardness)

MARTHA: Yeah, I'm sure you're a nice person, I would just never want you to work for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. You're just totally incompetent, and we can't have incompetent lazy people at MSLO! Now lets make glitter pumpkins together!


Except with Dawn, Martha just skipped the pumpkin-glittering entirely and instead, chatted with Mark Burnett after dissing her for 5 straight minutes.

Martha, you're AWESOME!

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