March 31, 2006

Linda Ruiz

Catching up is hard to do

As some of you may have noticed, I have not posted anything on Just Us Moms! in almost two months. It was heartwarming to read all of our loyal readers messages of concern (actually, the gist of the emails was more like, “why haven’t you been posting recaps ON TIME, you lazy bitches??!?” But I’ll pretend you were all just worried about me).

The truth is… I had bird flu. It’s true. Seriously, don’t ever have the popcorn chicken at the Bangkok KFC. It may be yummy, but trust me, you dont want these little buggers inhabiting you for two months. Anyway, I have, for the most part, recovered, but don’t you feel BAD for scolding me about the timeliness of our recaps now?? Hmmm? How heartless are you? Bastards.

Anywho, Karen has been doing her best to write the recaps solo while I was in intensive care, but now we’re two whole episodes behind. So what to do? Well, since episode 4 was on almost a week and a half ago, I’m pretty sure none of you even give a creaaaaap (Big ups to my Godlewski gals! Your season may have sucked, but I still love you) about reading a recap anymore, so I’ll sum it up with the shortest recap ever, after the jump!

You’re still racing!

Oh shoot!

Off to Germany!

WALL OF DEATH! (Don’t you wish the Weavers had to do THAT one?)


Horrendously obnoxious product placement!

More roadblocks featuring dancers in ethnic garb!

Smashing bottles!

Mummies dancing!

Wanda and Desiree eliminated!


Yeah, that was totally lame. Sorry. A REAL RECAP of this week's (hopefully it’s still “this week” by the time I finish the damn thing) episode is coming soon, I promise!! And now that the bird flu has subsided and I am more "regular," you can expect the recaps to be, too!

Posted by Linda Ruiz in Recap corner on March 31, 2006 11:24 AM


Aww, I hope you feel 100% soon Linda! I've been checking backl every day to see if anything got posted, so, I'm glad you're back!

Posted by: Ken at April 1, 2006 2:26 AM