January 13, 2006

Martha whoops Tyra's bootay


I'm talking about ratings, of course, although I'm sure M. Diddy could take her down in a fight, too.

Sorry I'm a little behind the times with this -- I've been in near-hibernation since the Amazing Race finale, at least blog-wise. The reality-TV pickins are slim in January, but I've still been watching my Martha! And it seems like other people have too, as the show's ratings have picked up a bit over the last few months, and it's been renewed for another season.

Thank God! I personally love the show -- it's much more "real Martha" than the fake-ish, uber-scripted Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Where else could I learn how to make the most complicated and delicious cake ever (I've set aside 36 hours this weekend to prepare one myself), while listening to Martha and Fran Drescher discuss how much they love to date men who are much, much younger than them?

If only Martha would have Phil Keoghan on her show, my life would be complete.

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