October 14, 2005

New Team Names!

I'm with Linda in her sentiment that the teams really need to get more creative about their nicknames for each other. Just to help them out, I've come up with a few suggestions! I've listed them in ranking order from the last episode:

Bransen = Team Pokey Poppa

Linz = The Brothers Dimm

Schroeder = Team Vaguely Goth/Vaguely Gay

Godlewski = Ladies Luck

Weaver = The Disoriented Disciples

Paolo = Team "It's worse at Christmas"

Gaghan = The Conniving Cutthroat Cuties

And just for fun:

Aiello = The Proud Marrieds

Rogers = Team "We love Jesus more than Dad"

Black = The team... with the tie-dyed shirts.

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