May 11, 2005

Remember me?

I'm Linda Ruiz, the other half of the greatest reality-tv duo of all time (if I do say so myself), the bowling moms! My busybody friend Karen decided to create this little blog where we'll regularly weigh in on all things Amazing Race, so stay tuned!

I know you all know who won AR7 by now, but we still don't (thanks to the magic of TiVo!), so SHHHHHHH! We're routing for Chip & Kim!!

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May 10, 2005

Hello there

My name is Karen Heins and I starred in season five of the Emmy-award-winning reality program The Amazing Race with my best friend (and bowling partner!) Linda Ruiz. We came in fourth, which made us very happy, though we'd both be a lot happier if we had won the $1 million! HAHA! Next time I'll have to climb up the mountainside a little more quickly.

Anyway, as MOMS, Linda and I are both super excited for next season of The Amazing Race, which features families of four! Check back for our regular commentary!

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