September 30, 2005

Fan Mail!

Karen and I got this very sweet note in our e-mail yesterday:

I just found your blog a few minutes ago. And, I just wanted to let you know that you two are an inspiration. You were both great! I loved watching you ladies compete. Great attitudes and great fun. Your families should be proud.

Aww, thanks! We think we're great fun too! :)

It's so nice to know that people remember the Bowling Moms, and that a few of you are reading our Amazing Race blog. We hope you like it!

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September 28, 2005

A perfect, pink finish

Linda, what are you doing in that picture, and why are you the only one wearing blue? Whoops, sorry! That's Michelle Godlewski, but boy what a doppelganger she is! I think it's fate, really, Linda... They've come to pick up where we left off! Not that I would feel good about having some other team break our record, but wouldn't it be neat to have some ladies win the $1 million?

I wish I could root for the Weavers since they are almost all ladies plus they survived that horrible buggy accident, but first of all, the 14-year-old son is just too much of a ringer, and more importantly, I can't with good conscience root for someone who doesn't recognize one of the 50 states (especially if she is driving into it).

So, go go go Godlewski girls!! (I must admit I've selected the Gaghans for my fantasy team next week... I don't know why, I just have a feeling about those overly cultured marathon runners.)

That's all from me this week, but make sure to look at the funny pictures we saved from the show after the jump!

What crazy gals!

Yes, Mrs. Weaver. Pennsylvania is a state.

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Girl Power!!

So, all you naysayers who have been complaining that TAR8: FAMILY EDITION was going to be lame - I hope you all shut your negative-nancy pie holes now, because last night's premiere was pretty darn good! We saw lots of interesting teams, family drama (which is at least as fun as couple drama), and lots of stroking and squealing. Sure, the challenges were pretty easy (I think the toughest one involved rowing a boat with a fake George Washington), and their first adventure only took them a few hundred miles around the northeastern U.S., but I'll assume that things will get tougher as we go along, and that the teams will travel to more exotic locations than New York and Pennsylvania. (Note to Weaver mom: Yes, Pennsylvania is a state. I'll really be worried about this woman if they send her to Mumbai.)

Side note: Did anyone notice who the "frank" vendors were in New York City? Why it was the loveable duo of Kevin and Drew, the fourth place finishers from season one! I loved those guys, too bad nobody seemed to recognize them. I guess I can't blame the little kids - Carissa was probably still burping up applesauce when season one aired. Perhaps on one of the legs, the teams will venture out to Palmdale, California and will bowl a game against Karen and me! I hope they'd at least recognize us for goodness sake.

Anywho, I'll be the first to admit that Karen was right on the money with her pick of the Godlewski girls! Go ladies!! These four blond beauties mopped the floor with the competition, all the while looking magnificent in pink. And the Weaver mom recovered from a near-fatal buggy accident (I'm not one to spread conspiracy theories, but I heard that some Amish were pissed that she didn't know what Pennsylvania was and cut the brakes) to place third with her daughters and son, just barely edged out by those feisty Gaghans.

My pick to win (the Linz family) finished a pathetic ninth. And sadly, the sweet African-American family, the most coordinated of all with matching tie-dyed t-shirts, was eliminated. All Mr. and Mrs. African-American wanted was to travel somewhere outside of the east coast, and the farthest they got was some park called Pennsylvania.

All in all, I thought it was a solid episode, and loads of fun was had at the Heins-Ruiz premiere party (though the scrambled ostrich eggs aren't agreeing with me so much today, and perhaps Karen had a few too many apple martinis because she was blabbering all night about how gorgeous Phil looked in purple stripes). What did all of you think? Will the Godlewski girls maintain their lead? Is Carissa Gaghan really that tough or is it all a front? Will Mrs. Paolo continue to waste time doing stupid things like turning on the air conditioner in the car? Will the Linz boys get together with the Bransen gals and make beautiful blond babies? Is anyone actually reading this??

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September 26, 2005

T minus one day and counting

Ooh I'm so excited I could just burst! Just one day left until the premiere of TAR8!! I did catch the commercial the other day and the "family edition" theme looked a little dorky, but like Karen, I'm staying positive and hoping for the best.

Has everyone signed up to play The Amazing Race Fantasy Game? It's much simpler than that complicated Survivor version. All you have to do is pick the team that you think will get to the mat first each week. The winners are entered into a drawing to win $250 in free gas. These days, that's about what it costs to get my SUV to the bowling alley and back, but hey, it's really about the joy of competition and not the (cheap) prize, right?

I picked the Linz family, because I have a good feeling about them, and I like their coordinated orange shirts. Who did YOU all pick to place first next week??

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September 23, 2005

A close call

The premiere of The Amazing Race is next Tuesday, and Linda and I are planning quite the party. We're going to have very spicy Hungarian ghoulash and scrambled ostrich eggs on the buffet table and we're planning a rousing game of Pin the Turtleneck on Phil Keoghan!

As much as we're looking forward to the premiere, we've heard people complaining that from the previews the new season looks "Disneyfied" or like "watered-down family programming." Well I never like to assume such terrible things, especially about a program with such a history of quality as TAR. Let's just

wait and cast judgment until we see the premiere, ok all you naysayers?

On a different note, Linda and I watched the second episode of Survivor: Guatemala last night and boy was it a nail-biter! Lydia the fishmonger narrowly escaped getting voted off just because she was an older woman! There was some skinny little red-headed man who couldn't even climb the ladder in the reward challenge, and yet they wanted to vote off Lydia, and I don't like to say this about people, but I do think it has to do with prejudice against middle-aged people. Let's just keep the game fair, fellas, because Lydia is more than pulling her weight around camp and in the challenges.

That's one good aspect of TAR is that it is purely a performance-based competition. Sure you can save a spot in line for somebody at the airport, but ultimately it's about who makes better chances. I wonder whether Linda and I would have made it as far as we did if we were at the mercy of a bunch of cocky youngsters. Something to think about folks... My hopes are with you, Lydia. Keep on going, girlfriend!

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