December 14, 2005

Linda Ruiz

Le fin


Well, it’s finally over! After slipping into a coma what seems like years ago in some park called Pennsylvania, and dying a slow, painful death since its visit to the world’s largest office chair, The Amazing Race: Family Edition is finally dead. Hopefully the massive decline in ratings has taught the show’s producers that the tried-and-true format of two-person, adult teams traveling around the world is what works, and next season we can get back to the good times of spicy-soup eating and fighting with African cab drivers.

In the meantime, though, let’s take one more trip down Family Edition memory lane, with a look back at the mildly exciting not totally coma-inducing two-hour season finale!

The race resumed on some ranch (of course) in Eastern Montana, where Phil’s disembodied voice told us that “cattle and sheep outnumber people by the millions.” Perhaps if they ever plan to do an Amazing Race: Cattle and Sheep Edition, this might be the ideal location. Among all of those trillions of cows, there are probably some pretty hilarious regional differences (think pink-clad cows “MAAAAAA-ing”) that would inevitably lead to great reality TV moments. For the record, that idea is MINE, CBS! And don’t you try changing it to Pig Edition or something and pretend I didn’t come up with it!

Anyway, for any sort of Human Edition, this area is totally boring. Thankfully, the families had already visited every single ranch and humongous man-made structure in the continental United States, so it was off to Canada, of course! Ok, it’s not that exotic, but at least somebody might say “aboot” or “paaahhsta” and I can giggle at them.

Since the 1,700 miles between Billings and Montreal was a little far to lug those damn trailers, they actually let the families board airplanes again. This time, they had pre-purchased tickets for them, but they were allowed to try to find faster flights if they wanted. While the Weavers and the Linzes found an itinerary that got them to Montreal an hour earlier than planned, the Bransens wound up on a plane that might have saved them 10 minutes, but ended up being delayed, putting them almost an hour and a half behind the others.

Coincidentally, the Weavers arrived in Montreal just in time for the annual Booty Shorts Expo 2005

The mad dash through the airport wasn’t without its casualties, however, as Alex Linz and Rolly Weaver collided, sending both of them to the floor. It looked like a complete accident to me, but since Linda sees in Weaver-vision (which incidentally, also allows you to see the Virgin Mary in various foods and highway overpasses), she spotted something sinister and screamed out “don’t touch him, get your hands off of him!” in her usual deranged-wacko voice. Sadly, Alex only responded with, “they suck,” rather than my favorite Linz-impersonating-Linda-Weaver voice. Because the only thing funnier than Linda’s deranged-wacko voice is the Linzes impersonation of her deranged-wacko voice.

Once in Montreal, the teams had to travel by taxi to a train station, where they had to locate the “underground city,” and navigate a subterranean complex of passageways to find the basement of the CBP Capital Building.

The Weavers found a cab first, driven by AWESOME Ted, who didn’t seem so awesome at first when Rolly tried to explain that they were in a race by saying, “el fasto!” which of course, doesn’t make sense anywhere, but is even stupider in Canada. “I’m not going to lose my life getting you there,” Senor Ted responded-o. However, the incessant repetition of “Merci, Merci!” and “You’re AWESOME!” and “You’re the man, Ted!” apparently swayed him, because after a few miles they were best buds, and were even praying for directions together.

Well the Lord was apparently having an off day (or was just screwing with them), because after an uneventful stop at the underground city, he led them in the wrong direction on their way to their next stop, the McGill arena. But the Weavers eventually found the right rink, and the Linzes godless heathen cab driver made the same mistake, so the Weavers were able to hold onto their sizeable lead.

This episode’s (first) detour was a choice between two traditional Canadian sports: Slide It or Roll It. Slide It was, of course, the most Canadian of Canadian sports, curling. (Despite the implication in that picture, the women of curling are not all man-beasts, and they do not usually use black people’s afros to sweep the floor.)

In Roll It, two team members at a time had to roll a log (using weird metal claw-like devices) along a track made of other logs. Seriously, this is apparently a sport in Canada. They need to get some Ecstasy up there or something.

Anyway, the Weavers and Linzes opted for Slide It. Despite “not even knowing what ice is except for ice cubes,” (and forgetting to wear pants), the Weavers were actually pretty good at curling.


After finishing with a bulls-eye courtesy of Rolly, the Weaver gals, frostbitten thighs and all, treaded back to find SUPER-COOL-AWESOME Ted, who was waiting outside to take them to their next destination. The Linzes followed shortly thereafter, and they really seemed to be into the curling, even vowing to “open a curling rink in Cincinnati.”

The Bransens, on the other hand, chose the long rolling, most likely because they did not have matching curling outfits.

Seriously, they do this for fun in Canada.

After that exciting introduction to Canadian sports culture, everyone was off to the next destination.

The Worlds Largest Golfball

The next clue was at the top of the world’s largest whatever-it-is, which directed the teams to 2350 Dickson Street, La Porte J. In case you didn’t know, “La Porte J” is French for “Door J.” And “La Crappé Show” is French for “The Amazing Race: Family Edition.”

Inside the very francais door was this weeks Road-blaaahck (oh I miss the Gaaadlewskis), in which one person from each team would have to perform a trapeze maneuver called “the catch,” which really should have been called, “the be caught,” since it basically just involved them swinging off the pole and being caught by a trapeze guy.

The Weavers still had a good lead on everyone, and Rolly volunteered for the fairly boring roadblock. He had no trouble at all, completing in on his first try.

The Linzes were next, and Alex chose to do the roadblock (probably because the trapeze helpers were hot girlies), proving that the task wasn’t so easy after all, especially if you are (in his brothers’ words) a “fat load.”

I like big butts and I cannot lie. Seriously, Alex... call me. Rrowr!

Megan offered some words of encouragement to her fat-ass brother. “Think light! Think feather!” Unfortunately this worked about as well as Bransen Girl’s, “You’re a fish! A skinny fish!” worked on Wally earlier in the season. In other words, it didn’t work, as Alex plopped to the net 2 or 3 times in a row. Probably because light feathers don’t have big fat (sexy) asses.

Eventually, Alex got it, but not until the Bransens had already caught up and the Weavers were long gone (and already driving around Canada screaming “You’re AWESOME, Ted!” and "Dear Lord, please help Ted stay so AWESOME!" every 30 seconds).

The next destination on their Canadian adventure was the Stade Olympique, which absolutely nobody could pronounce. Both the Weavers and the Linzes tried to Americanize it (pronouncing Stade like “Stayed”), while the Bransens over-French-ified it, calling the stadium the “Stadé Olympiahhhque.” Tres francais!

Much of the Weavers’ lead disappeared as they spent what seemed like forever driving around the Stade looking for the lone entrance. This was probably the result of Linda’s brilliant “always go left, because right is the most common” strategy. Don’t even try to understand that one, it’s WAY over your head.

Eventually everyone found their way inside, and made their way to the clue box at center field, where they learned that they would have to search the Stade’s 56,000 seats for the departure times of three charter planes that would leave the next day.

Note to producers: THIS is my favorite type of TAR task! The incredibly frustrating, partly-luck, partly-strategy task. People always lose it and fun drama ensues. More, please!

After hunting around for what seemed like an eternity, the Linz family was the first to find a departure time. Apparently the strategy part of the task (deciding whether or not to take it) was lost, as everyone was so sick of looking that they just took it, and were locked into a departure time of 5:50.

The Bransens seemed to be going into powder-blue meltdown mode, with Walder ranting about his toe and saying he was going to kick someone’s ass. I was afraid he might lose it and pummel all three Bransen Girls right there, but BG#2 found a time shortly after (5:45), and Wally-beast calmed down.

The Weavers, on the other hand, despite being the first family to arrive, were having no luck finding anything. Perhaps because their “looking for departure times” strategy went something line this:


Rolly was the only one who even seemed to care that they were in the FINAL LEG OF A RACE FOR A MILLION DOLLARS, as he pleaded with his family to keep looking. “Look how many chairs there are, I can’t even count that high,” math-whiz Rebecca responded. Seriously, President Bush, I don’t think that No Child Left Behind thing worked.

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Except for letting my Mom do my highlights.”

After an abundance of pleading, Rolly convinced his family to keep trying, and they eventually found the last departure time: 5:55 am.

Bright and early the next morning, the teams boarded their charter flights for a mystery destination, which turned out to be Toronto. When the planes landed, they proceeded to the CN tower, where they made the 1,100 foot ascent to the observation deck, and used binoculars to search for the yellow flag.

Next up, Detour #2: Ship or Shoe. This choice seemed obvious, since Ship only required the teams to climb to the top of a rope-ladder-thing on a ship to get a flag, while Shoe involved finding the one woman in a room of 100 barefoot ladies who fit the shoe that they chose.

I don't think it was a coincidence that Toronto General Hospital reported 100 cases of severe Athlete’s Foot that same day.

The Linzes and the Weavers chose Ship, while again, the Bransens went with the opposite. Maybe the producers made them do it because they had already paid the barefoot ladies to show up. Who knows.

Tommy Linz made it up and down the ship-ladder with no problem, and so did Rolly Weaver. The Bransens, on the other hand, seemed to be getting frustrated with their choice of tasks, but eventually found the right feet.

Despite the show’s general boringness, I have to admit I was a little excited at this point. It seemed like anyone could win it, and I was definitely rooting for the Linzes. I like them – they’re fun and competitive. This picture sums them up perfectly – Alex making his patented “insane eyes face,” while Tommy picks his nose.


Anyway, there was some random pointless boat ride in there, which I won’t even explain, because there is no need. It added nothing besides a couple of funny shots of people getting splashed by water.

The teams made their way back to the U.S., to Lewiston, New York (just barely over the Canadian border), where Phil introduced the final roadblock. However, after last week’s TV-MA Roadblock: Find the Balls, the producers will only allow Phil to be shown from the waist up (sort of like Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan show). The women of America just can’t handle it.

G rated Phil.

The final task was most appropriate for Family Edition: a giant puzzle of North America.

If only we could have seen the Weavers try to put this together.

Update: Apparently, the Weaver family did not even bother trying to put the puzzle together. Not that it mattered, anyway. (via Reality Blurred)

The Weavers had fallen pretty far behind, so it was down to Wally Bransen versus Nick Linz. It was close, but in the end, little old Rhode Island came between the Bransens and a million dollars, as Nick finished the puzzle while Wally struggled to find the tiniest state.

So the Linz family (incidentally, my pick to win back in August, thankyouverymuch!) won it all, and went back to Cincinnati, where they opened Ohio’s first curling rink. Yay, Linzes!


So, that’s it! The season is finally over! What did all of you think? Are you sad to see it end? Or were you totally sick of it, too?

Well, it looks like Season 9 won’t begin until sometime in February 2006, but in the meantime, Karen and I will periodically weigh in on other shows, so keep checking back – and if there’s anything else you watch that you want to know our thoughts on, let us know!!

Posted by Linda Ruiz in Recap corner on December 14, 2005 3:27 PM


linda and karen, those were some great recaps. definetly more exciting then the actual episodes, but then again that isnt that difficult to do.

as a canadian i was just as confused as you with the "roll it" task. unless there is some secret club im unaware of, ive never seen that done before.

my favorite moments though were the weavers reaction when they heard they were coming to canada. they all thought it was going to be freezing. sorry to dissapoint them but it doesnt snow in toronto in the summer. plus rolly's attempt to say montreal was priceless.

in the end i was glad the linzs won, yet upset we didnt get to see the weavers complete the puzzle.
cant wait for the next season!

Posted by: amanda at December 14, 2005 4:16 PM

I'm glad the season is over! Can't wait for the next one. Again, people in FL are most of the time in shorts because it's extremely hot. Or what, they have to wear 1000 layers when it's 100F? Have common sense and stop harrassing the Weavers. If you want to harrass then do the same with the other teams. There are a lot of inmoral and dumb things the other teams have done, yet they haven't been mentioned here. An opinion is different than this. This is harrassment and attacking someone's beliefs.

Posted by: hmmm at December 14, 2005 4:26 PM

Dearest hmmm,

This, as you so borderline-illiterately state, is not an opinion. It is satire. I suggest you go to to look that one up.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


Posted by: Linda at December 14, 2005 4:29 PM

Oh i would have LOVED to see the weaver mom try to put together that puzzle. "Please god give me a brain to complete this task, or send us AWESOME Ted to help"

Posted by: Andrea at December 14, 2005 5:06 PM

Great finale recap!

I have serious issues with the Weavers after this one...but then again, thats been the case the entire season.

First...Rolly colliding with Alex in the airport:

I agree with Alex that Rolly grabbed a hold of him. However, was I the only one who noticed that Alex was smiling as they both got up? He was patting Rolly in some kind of "congratulations" type of thing. Rolly looked to me like he was playfully punching back.

And then of course his whacko Mama had to screw up the perception. Again she was trying to sound cool: "He was close to you so I told him don't touch you"'re the only person impressed by that missus.

I loved the curling task. And yes, we do roll logs for fun in Canada. There are professionals who make a living out of it in competitions.

Screw off Ted, you probably don't know you were dealing with Satans closest advisors.

And is if the Weavers couldn't get any more annoying...they decide to flat out STOP searching for the clue...on the final leg for cripes sakes. As stupid as it was, I was jumping up and down because of it.

"I can't even count that high" So Rebecca can't count up to 56,000...I guess that explains why she failed math twice.

Loved the geography task...I woulda blazed through it guaranteed. Geography was my favorite subject in school.

I had chills down my spine when Tommy was running and yelling back to his siblings..."Mom and Dad dude!!! Come on!!!" These guys are great people...absolutely great people. Half the money to their
I absolutely loved it when Alex grabbed Megan and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Great stuff...great stuff.

And that was a slick line by Alex to the Bransens..."They're smart, competitive and they're pretty good lookin too"

Anyone notice the Schroeders not clapping when the Weavers ran up? Stassi was sorta clapping but it wouldn't be very audible even in an empty room. I woulda preferred no teams did it...but oh well.

The thing that gets me is I missed seeing the teams run like madmen through Toronto airport by 4 days...I had a connection on the 26th...I heard they passed through on the 30th.

Posted by: andrew at December 14, 2005 5:20 PM

Aww too bad your flight wasnt 4 days later. If it were me i probably would have pulled one of the linz's into a broom closet. mmm those boys were good looking, even if it would cost them the race lol.

Posted by: Andrea at December 14, 2005 5:45 PM

Who won? Whew! NOT THE WEEVILS !!! YEAHHHHH. Congrats to the Linzes!

A very clever, Survivorish, last roadblock. I think you do great recaps - always make me laugh out loud, which I don't do easily. My wife and I loved you two in TAR 5 (okay, not love, but we were pulling for you).

For the poor soul who left the above post about attacking beliefs, GET A LIFE ! Weren't the majority of the contestants Christians and probably also praying the whole race for assistance? All we heard all the time were the Weevils droning on and on about it. I thought Christians were supposed to love their fellow man, do unto others, and all that. I suppose calling others jerks and idiots is part of that? (at the Olympic Stadium the Weevils complain about people calling them names and walk away doing exactly that). Plus, if there were a god, I'm sure he/she/it would have
much more important matters to attend to (tsunami/hurricane/earthquake relief). Then again, maybe all the gods were so busy with the Weevils' constant distractions that calamity ensued in the rest of the world. For those people who supported the Weevils only because they kept saying they were Christians, what would you have thought if one of the other contestants kept saying "I'm (place religious choice here)and (place deity choice here) will make me win because everyone else is a (place derogatory word used by the Weevils here)".

Gee, doesn't Wally get grumpy when he has to do some stair-climbing. Wally ! That's no way to talk to your daughters ! His daughters praised him at the end but I bet a couple of them had wanted to kick his butt more than a few times during the race.

A few words that I have been holding back about the disfunctional Paolos. The idea of respect sank to it's lowest level with their treatment of each other. If anyone reading this thinks that that's what love is supposed to be, then please kill yourself now. Phil should have smacked them all around at every pitstop - that would have livened up the race. I've heard that the whole family has been arrested for verbal abuse and threats. They all got off with a smack to the back of the head, and a big SHADUPPA.

A Canadian perspective.....I live in Montreal, and was disappointed that I never even knew that the race was coming here. Although many people here curl(the game, and the hair), I haven't, and have certainly never heard of, or seen log-rolling here. I guess this was supposed to be a traditional thing from the 1800's (like Civil War re-enactment with less noise), but we do actually have machinery in Canada. Log-rolling is not a regular way to pass the time here. Girl-watching, yes ! As for the Olympic Stadium, there were as many people in it during the race as there were during a Montreal Expos baseball game! I have never in 55 years of living in Montreal and Toronto, ever actually heard someone say "aboot". From what I know, it's only used in parts of the eastern maritime areas by descendants of early Gaellic Canadians(they are Christians,too!). There are no Mounties in red jackets, on horses, all over, you can't ski in summer, we don't have igloos, and regretably, we know that another Bush is president. Oh, and the youngest Bransen's "Crap" remark would be "merde" here(rhymes with cared). I giggle at your pronunciation of pasta. I believe we say it the same way as the Italians do so hahahah to you.... And if I see "awesome Ted" in his taxi, I'll give him a lousy tip.

p.s. After the show there was a promotional ad for the next race to begin in February. Teams of 2, and some of them look like real winners, if you get my drift.

Posted by: Terry Thomson at December 14, 2005 7:48 PM

This was a nice recap. Funny also. My favorite team was the Brensens and I'm glad they placed 2nd. I mean I really wanted them to win, but oh well. I was watching some interviews and videos of the teams and they ALL said some of the tapes were edited so really some scenes had a different perspective from tv. All of the teams are now friends, including the Weavers and the Linzes and also they all agreed that most of the downs that happened were because they were nervous and the whole race was stressful and emotional, but some people actually need to think that it's hurtful when you tell someone that your dad was a "wacko." I mean c'mon people! Be more respectful. Also, you have no right to judge someone by what they believe in. They believe in Jesus, so what? The Weavers did say they live a christian life, but how many times? 2? Then the rest of the time, they were just praying for guidance and wisdom. Yes, they might've done or said some mean stuff, but they're not perfect. And also the other teams have said things that were even more hurtful. There was NO reason to attack the Weavers in that way. If you really don't like someone, just ignore them. Having said that, you don't know any of the teams in person, so you have no right to judge and say they're always like that because it isn't true. YOU go to the race and see how would U react.

Posted by: David at December 14, 2005 9:04 PM

Great recaps! Thanks for helping to brighten up a dreary season. BTW: Somebody on Jokers suggested a Linz Boys calendar. Maybe YOU GIRLS can get it arranged!

Posted by: LArry at December 14, 2005 11:56 PM

Oh Linda and Karen,

The only thing that made watching this season's episodes of TAR bearable was knowing I could enjoy your hilarious recaps the following day. Yay to the Linzes for winning (though I liked the Bransens as well) and thank GOD the Weavers lost, because they sucked. The most hilarious thing about that family though is that they remained OBLIVIOUS to their own repulsiveness right up until the end!

Perhaps you ladies could recap the next Season of "Survivor" as that is my favorite show.

Much love, Gail (your fan forever!)

Posted by: Gail at December 15, 2005 11:36 AM

Just in case TAR decides to come to Canada again
I have asked CBS to use me as a clue-giver/guide/whatever they need for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Wonderland. As for July 30th I was going to Montreal by car that day, too bad they didn't bring the campers that way. I coulda been on TV Ma!

Congrats Linzes, too bad Wally and the girls, go get 'em Rolly. Find pants Weaver girls, please.

Posted by: John Harvey at December 15, 2005 2:24 PM

Congrats Linzes, too bad Wally and the girls, go get 'em Rolly. Find pants Weaver girls, please.

People from Florida are used to go in shorts. It's way too hot to wear pants. Specially in the beach area and country area. Don't be ignorant.

Posted by: David at December 15, 2005 3:29 PM

I think some people think they are real important
like jrharvy , Like cbs gives a crap about your stupid email ,you self important ass

Posted by: chuck2k6 at December 15, 2005 4:08 PM

Jeez ! Lighten upChuck! That last post sounded like Johnathan yelling at Victoria ! Or is Chuck2k6 an alias for Wally Bransen when he gets grumpy?

Posted by: Terry Thomson at December 16, 2005 2:01 AM

chuck lives to annoy, never said I feel important
just enjoy the show, some people need a real life.
As for the shorts, there's shorts, and there's too shorts, by far too shorts.

Posted by: John Harvey at December 16, 2005 10:03 AM

So? Go tell Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, women at the gym, etc about that. Or what let me guess, you like it don't you?

Posted by: David at December 16, 2005 3:06 PM

Hey, i'm from Australia and i just finished watching the amazing race - GO LINZES AND BRANSENS! (and especially my faves the GAGHANS!)

To John Harvey: 'Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie' are not lard arses like the Weaver girls, or are you implying that the Weaver girls are skanks by relating them to Paris?

Seriously the Weavers sucked all the way through the race...the only time i liked them was when the mum got run over by the buggy because the idiot girls couldn't work a brake :P

Team Weaver should have been called Team Rolly (a.k.a slave boy) - he did everything for them but unlike the three hags, he actually seemed like an awesome dude minus the constant use of the word 'retard'.

Posted by: Dan at December 17, 2005 6:04 AM

Dan, that was posted by David. Read carefully.
Do you drive a mobile snowbank?

Paris and Nicole are not desireable
Ashley Judd is
Weaver girls are not

Posted by: John Harvey at December 17, 2005 9:41 AM

What I meant to say was that you shouldn't say things like that while other people are behaving even worse. Like I say before don't be ignorant. People who live in Florida and well people who live in hot places in general are used to wear shorts. You have NO reason to hate the Weavers THAT way. If you dislike them, that's fine, but then make fun of their beliefs and accidents it's cruel and it's harrassment. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if your parents or someone you loved got hurt and people started to make fun of it. You know I can easily conclude that John Harvey is an ignorant, just because he's making a big deal about shorts without knowing the facts.

Posted by: David at December 17, 2005 3:49 PM

#1 - stop with the shorts thing. It actually does get to 90 + degrees here in Montreal in the summer, yes, really. You don't need to bundle up in the indoor rink since there are underground pipes that freeze the ice and the air temperature stays warm.
#2 - Ashley Judd IS a babe, Weavers are not.
#3 - No one is making fun of the Weavers' beliefs. What we are making fun of is the fact that they do not follow their beliefs. In one episode they said that they were brought up to only trust the members of their own family, and they seemed proud of that!!?? Does that mean they don't trust their minister, pastor or whoever? In all the episodes they called the other contestants and/or their siblings idiots, jerks, retarded, etc. How Christian is that? These are weak-minded people who use religion as a crutch. I seem to remember from when I actually believed all this religious malarkey, that god is supposed to help those who help themselves. Well, praying all the time for petty things (e.g. finding a road on a map)instead of having the self-confidence in your own abilities is sad.
#4 - It was too bad that they lost Mr. Weaver, but they should have grief counseling because they obviously haven't come to grips with it. Just the mention of a racetrack sent them into a freakout. I could understand their trepidation, but the screaming and crying was way over the top.
#5 - let's hope there are some flaky teams in the next race, although I hope to never again see such abusive behaviour as Johnathan to Victoria(previous race), or the Paolos to each other.

Posted by: terry thomson at December 17, 2005 6:46 PM

They said they were taught not to trust most people, not only family. Like they knew where they were gonna go. So therefore they had to pack what they normally wear or just anything. They said they just pack light 'cause they don't really care about what type of clothes to bring. Yes people are making fun of the fact they prayed to God for guidance. Remember they said they're still not strong enough and were hoping that the race will help them become stronger because of their dad's loss. Still that doesn't give you the right to judge them or treat them that way. Again, the other teams started it and I'm sure you'd do the same if you were under pressure. No one has mentioned other rude things that the other teams have done. It'd be fair to also make fun of them right? Maybe they went to counseling. You really don't know. My friend lost her dad as well like 5 years ago and for the first 3 years it was hard for her to get over it, even with counseling.

Posted by: David at December 18, 2005 12:45 AM're the one who needs to know the facts...they said they were raised not to trust other people, only family. Which is a complete load of BS.

The other teams started it? Give me a frickin break. If you had any insight you would've explored the message boards and read and watched the interviews conducted by most teams.

They all claimed that from the beginning everyone was social with each other at the pitstops. However, the Weavers would completely isolate themselves from the other teams. The Schroeders even said that when they walked up to them to try and talk to them, they just stared blankly at them.

And what about the airport incident with the Aiellos? Simple question was all he asked...and did they respond to him? No! Not even a word to him.

And frankly...the Weavers not donating money to the Schroeders after hurricane Katrina didn't help matters any. And don't say it's a case of financial problems...they own 3 horses...and that ain't cheap.

The bottom line is that the Weavers are a bunch of hypocritical, self righteous, two bit snot faced gobs of spit.

Posted by: Andrew at December 18, 2005 12:14 PM

Again, it's not a crime not to trust people. If they don't wanna trust people thats their problem. The Linzes started the rumors about them being rude from the start. If they wanted to isolate themselves thats okay, but that doesn't give you a reason to hate them. I'm sure you've been a hypocrite and probably still are. The Linzes, Godlweskis and the Brensens started to be rude at them. Even if the Weavers started to defend themselves or be rude after, that doesn't give you the right to judge only them. Why don't you judge the others? Is it because you don't want others to insult you for that?

Posted by: David at December 18, 2005 4:08 PM

Yes you're right, it's their problem if they don't want to trust people. I still think thats a stupid philosophy though.

But the fact is, isolating themselves on something such as the Amazing Race is never a good idea.

Have I been a hypocrite? Of course I have, I won't deny it. I can bet you have been too.

Hang on a minute now...the Linzes yes ok, the Godlewski's...yes ok...but the Bransens? Not until the finale episode did we see any sort of remarks.

I disagree that the above mentioned families started it. If you want to pin the blame for that, Look at the Aiello's and Schroeders. Are you completely brain-dead as to not notice the airport incident? "Did you find a better flight?" Did the Weavers say anything?...NO!!! That is not self-isolation, thats being rude.

Also, starting to defend themselves or be rude after...does give me a right to hate them. But they didn't start to defend themselves, they started the whole thing in the first place plus they were always rude.

Not once did they ever call a team by their actual name. It was always Desperate Housewives, the Cleavers, the GI Joes/Janes, the Brady Bunch. In contrast, even the Linzes called the Weavers by their proper name.

Besides all that, they never appreciated anywhere they went. Utah comes to mind in this case. Speaking of Utah, "I think God spent a little less time here" You would not expect a comment like that from this psychotic religious bunch of people. And here they are praying to him for help after insulting his earth?

Face it man, you're in the minority.

Posted by: Andrew at December 18, 2005 8:45 PM

Anyways, you have your opinion and that's fine if you think that way about the Weavers. I do admit they were rude at times. Again, they're not perfect and I'm sure you call people names and have done it before. What I don't think it's fair is this:

-Why only attack THEM? Why not the other teams that have done the same thing even before them? Why ONLY them? Is it because you people like to harrass religious people when they make mistakes? Just because they're religious doesn't mean they don't make mistakes. And it's not this in general, it's the whole world itself. I mentioned before the celebrities' lives. Why don't you attack THEM? There's actually people out there who are actually BAD. The people who do drugs, the people who likes to get people in bed all the time and specially without protection. The celebrities with video tape scandals and bad behavior. In the race the Linzes started to call the Weavers names. Why don't you comment on that? Just because the Weavers wanted to somehow "isolate" themselves doesn't mean you have to call them names and make fun of their dad. What about the Paolos? They actually insulted each other and DJ talked about drowning his mom. He probably didn't mean that, but he did say it. I haven't seen anyone mentioning that and commenting about that. OMG the Weavers called someone a "retard" omg that's soo rude and they're christians! What about the rest of the teams that called each other names? I just want it to be fair because so far this is just harrassing. And of course other people like to follow others who think the same way to just "fit in."

Posted by: David at December 19, 2005 12:59 AM

sorry Jharvey!

Weavers are evil and suck ... throwing rubbish out of your car is littering ... littering is breaking the laws ... shouldn't christians abide by the laws?

Face it, the Weavers are hypocritical, annoying and fake christians.

To Rebecca and Rachel who've constantly bagged out people hotter than them: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WOOF WOOF. Mother Weaver needs to buy new leashes. And new flea collars. And some horse tranquilisers...

Posted by: Dan at December 19, 2005 5:05 AM

I disagree that the above mentioned families started it. If you want to pin the blame for that, Look at the Aiello's and Schroeders. Are you completely brain-dead as to not notice the airport incident? "Did you find a better flight?" Did the Weavers say anything?...NO!!! That is not self-isolation, thats being rude.

So? It's a race, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to. They can't force you. Yeah maybe they should've said "no" or something. So they made a mistake, does that justify hating them to death? No. Okay, they were rude and the other teams had an option, which was IGNORING THEM. When you don't like something or someone, you just ignore them. And that's where it all started. Now, about the Utah incident, it's not a sin not to like a place. Most people comment on places in different ways. What Rolly used was just an expression. So, if we don't like a city, we have to be quiet? They have the right to have an opinion as well. Let's face it, if the Weavers never mentioned about living a christian life and blah blah, people would've never harrassed them the way they do now. They never said they were perfect, remember that people don't notice when you are not behaving properly until you see it for yourself or someone tells you. I'm sure it has happened to you before. Remember the pressure and having to be followed by cameras every day. Also, the Weavers said that they accepted to be in the race to gain more strength. Now, if they made a mistake when they asked them for a flight ticket, then leave it that way. There was NO reason to harrass them the way they did and the way people are still doing. Before the race started they got all together and I'm sure that they've talked to the Weavers about their life and whatever, so they knew what to expect and how they think.

Posted by: David at December 19, 2005 2:24 PM

There's this expression that says that whenever you see someone makes a mistake, let it go and accept it, don't keep harrassing them about it. Also this other expression that I forgot how it goes, but it says that if someone falls down, instead of yelling at them or laughing, help them or just call someone to help them.How are these related to the race? Mom Weaver made a mistake when she didn't say anything about that flight ticket. What did bro Linz do? Went to tell everyone how rude and mean she was. What did the teams do? Started to hate them to death. What should have they done? Just let it go and leave it that way. That would've been the "mature" way of solving that incident.

Posted by: David at December 19, 2005 2:39 PM

To Dan: Religious people make mistakes. Right now you are actually behaving un-christian. We'll never know if they got a ticket for throwing trash outside the window or if it was part of the show. Can't you see the irony? You call them EVIL, but you are actually being EVIl by calling them that. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you made a mistake and people started harrassing you and wishing you be dead, specially after you've been through your dad's death or someone you loved. One of my friends lost their dad about 5 years ago. It took her 3 years to actually get over it and move, even with therapy. It's not easy to get over a loved ones' death. For some people it takes them years, some just months and some forever. Remember that it's not only God whos there, but also the Devil(if you believe in that , if not then you can't comment anything about religion since you don't even believe in it). Anyways, religious people get tempted and some "pass" and some don't and that's when they ask for forgiveness. Just because they're christians, doesn't mean they're perfect and that they don't make mistakes. We all make mistakes and some even made more mistakes than they did, yet I don't see you complaining about that. The only reason people are attacking them it's because they said they are christians and they said it once that they live a christian life and they made a mistake. I think I'm done commenting here, but before you say anything, I'm Roman Catholic and just because I've made mistakes doesn't make me a hypocrite. It's just makes me human. It's part of life. Now, if I didn't realize or admit my mistakes then that's a different story. In the case of the Weavers they did admit they behaved bad at times. Have you ever heard of forgive and forget? And read the expressions I wrote on my comment above or wherever it is.

Posted by: David at December 19, 2005 3:33 PM

You sure love to debate don't you?

Quote: if the Weavers never mentioned about living a christian life and blah blah, people would've never harrassed them the way they do now.

--You're right, and thats basically where most of the hatred comes from. The fact that they claimed to be above all that and then did it themselves does not go over well with anybody.

Quote: Why only attack THEM? Why not the other teams that have done the same thing even before them? Why ONLY them? Is it because you people like to harrass religious people when they make mistakes? Just because they're religious doesn't mean they don't make mistakes.

--The reason people aren't attacking any of the other teams is because the Linzes and Godlewski's etc. didn't go around preaching that they were above all the name calling and stuff because they were good christians. The Weavers however, made a point to reference it multiple times throughout the season.
Take for example Olympic Stadium with the golf cart incident: Ma Weaver says after Tommy calls Rolly 'Roly-Poly' "Oh, the called you Roly-Poly, how rude" Yet here they are calling teams the Desperate Housewives, the Cleavers, the Brady Bunch and the GI Janes. At least Tommy has the guts to say something to somebody's face.

Quote: OMG the Weavers called someone a "retard" omg that's soo rude and they're christians!

--Maybe you didn't hear that their dead daddy was a member of the association for retarded citizens? On two counts that makes that comment a hypocritical remark. One because they kept saying how they're above all this stuff and two because they attended all major events that this association was involved in.

Its not harassment...its people calling the Weavers out on their complete BS.

Posted by: Andrew at December 19, 2005 3:43 PM

I think I'm done with my argument too. But I still have some issues about where you seem to be coming from. Are you watching the same race I was? You seem as sheltered as the Weavers did because you clearly don't know nothing.

Quote: In the case of the Weavers they did admit they behaved bad at times.

What the hell? Since when did they do that? They always and I stress always preached that they were better than everyone else because they were "living a christian life". Maybe not out loud but with they're actions and some of their remarks that is most certainly the impression they have made on all of us.

Quote: The only reason people are attacking them it's because they said they are christians and they said it once that they live a christian life and they made a mistake.

No damn it...NO! That is most certainly not the only reason. I agree that only once said out loud they were living a christian life...but nobody could miss the constant prayers to God. "Please let us find this on the map" I'm sorry, but that is completely pointless.
Personally, my biggest issue is them being so frickin hypocritical. Claiming to be above everything and everybody (at least thats my interpretation) and then stooping to calling teams Desperate Housewives, the Cleavers etc. Is not the way to be.

And I quote from another popular reality tv show:

"You're in the minority so screw you"

Posted by: Andrew at December 19, 2005 9:19 PM

David: Never once did I say I was christian. And I have lost a loved one before, I know it's a very hard time but you don't have to go around telling everyone and using it as an excuse to gain extra sympathy. Yes, people do make mistakes and of course they should be forgiven ... but for the Weavers, it's not mistakes they are making, it's just their hypocritical attitude and annoying behaviour.


Mom Weaver: "DON'T WE'RE ENCOURAGING EVERYONE!" when earlier that day she says/screams in her annoying old voice "SLOW DOWN!" to the Linzes boat driver.

After one of the Godlewski sisters is kind enough to sympathise with Rebecca she says "I hate the Desperate Housewives, they're so fake."

And who could forget those idiots teasing other families when they got yielded, and Mama Weaver's hypocritical comment to DJ "Well we still have a yield left and you don't Sweets."

They are the most suckiest family ever.

Posted by: Dan at December 19, 2005 9:23 PM

David, did you even read the posts from this and earlier episodes and read the comments about other teams? Okay, let's pick on the other teams. Black family- oops they were gone so fast that we never knew them. Although I thought that when they were eliminated, the little guy with the scowling look was going to say "Wat chew talkin' bout, Phil?", just like Arnold in Different Strokes. Rogers Family - father's a jerk who treated his family terribly and wouldn't listen to anybody. Oops, gone, can't keep harassing them. Aiello bunch - treated each other and everyone else with respect. Oops, gone #3. Schroeder family - another father that is a bully to his kids, and also wouldn't listen to anyone. Oops gone fourth, so picking on them is done. Do you get the point David. I'm sure that at least two of these families would have met with nasty comments if they weren't eliminated early. Gaghan family- now there is a family that deserves praise. Always respectful, parents encouraged the kids - didn't yell and scream and call them names, and the kids were gems. A great example for all to follow. Gee, too bad there is nothing to complain about. Paolo idiots - David, did you miss my comments this episode and the previous ones? Go back and read what I wrote about them. These were the stereotypical bad Italian family (p.s. also Christians but acted like satanists). Anybody who was rooting for them must have been either as abusive as them or brain-dead. Compared to them, the Weavers looked like angels(see, all the comments about them aren't bad). Good the damned Paolos are out as #6. I think they were sent straight to hell. Oh, wait, they created hell for themselves here on earth. If they had continued, you can be sure there would have been masses of comments about them, but David, they're gone so the other teams become the targets. Godlewski family - a bunch of whiners and complainers and terrible to each other. They need to grow up and treat each other with respect. Imagine their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I seem to remember that there were a lot of negative remarks about them but oops, they're gone, so there are only three teams to bash now. Weaver family - (sarcasm) intelligent young ladies who are always respectful, and a mother who can handle every situation with grace and a smile. What every family (Christian or not)should strive to be like. Is that better? Yeah, right. Bransen family - the three girls were pretty good although there was a little bit of nastiness, while dad had his ups and downs. Wally was too easily frustrated and too moody. I think he was the least mature of the 4. Linz family - typical gross and immature guys, but what do you expect from three young brothers? They never said they were saints..... Now please read carefully - Now think hard about this - they were picked on because they did not live up to what they were professing to be. If the Weavers had been eliminated, let's say third, then this would not still be going on. And my final thought: god did not create man, man created god. There's something to think about.

Posted by: Terry Thomson at December 19, 2005 9:58 PM

I wanna send the Weavers a buggy for Christmas ... this time i'll cut the brakes myself

Posted by: Dan at December 20, 2005 7:37 AM

OOPS, I left out a couple of words in my previous post. It should have read: no one here or on the race picked on the Weavers because they were Christian.

Posted by: Terry Thomson at December 20, 2005 12:47 PM

Poor NORMAL christians.

The Weavers suck arse ... you don't pray EVERY SINGLE MOMENT about useless crap like "dear god i hope we beat the other teams amen" or "dear gold help us find *insert object*"

They blow.

Posted by: Dan at December 20, 2005 9:15 PM

Hey guys again!

Can you guys please look (if you can) at Episode 6 of TAR 8? (when my faves the GAGHANS got eliminated ) I was just rewatching it again today and i saw a fast forward on it after the teams retrieved their clues from the volcano which is really strange...noone took it maybe?

Just wanted to get that out of my system and tell someone...

Posted by: Dan at December 21, 2005 2:06 AM

Well, this is officially the last time I'm commenting since if we all keep trying to make points we won't get anywhere and of course we'll never agree:

-The Weavers never said they were above all that. If so please let's see the tape. They did say they lived a christian life like what 2 times? Then all they did was praying to God to guide them and stuff, and there's nothing wrong with that (only true religious people will be able to understand this).
-Even if the other teams like the Godlweskis and the Linzes didn't go around the praying and everything, they were still rude and they were the ones who started the whole calling names thing. It wouldn't surprise me if they paid them all to actually make a plot or something.

Definition of harrassment:

Words, conduct or action, usually repeated or persistent that, being directed at a specific person, annoys, alarms, or causes substantial emotional distress in that person and serves no purpose

Harassment is defined as any conduct, physical, verbal, written or electronic, on or off campus, that has the intent or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s or group’s educational or work performance

Again, I don't think you'd like people to harrass you or go on about a mistake you did, would you? Okay, let's say you were on that race, and for some reason you started to call other names as a comeback or whatever then people who watch the show would be like "omg that team is soo rude i hate them" and kept going on about it for months. Would you like that? Sure, the Weavers behaved bad at times and also as comebacks. The reason they kept doing that was because the other teams kept going on about it. So they all made a mistake. What would YOU have done? How would you've reacted at frustrating situations? How would you feel having a camera man following you everywhere? It's just a tv show. Again, there was no reason to make fun of their dad. The only reason they said their dad died was because they were asked about it! Also giving each team's a nickname isn't that bad unless you mean it in a bad way. I'm sure a lot of you have given others nickanames and even rude ones haven't you?(cont'd)

Posted by: David at December 21, 2005 2:39 AM

mis·take (mĭ-stāk')
An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.
A misconception or misunderstanding.

v., mis·took (mĭ-stʊk'), mis·tak·en (mĭ-stā'kən), mis·tak·ing, mis·takes.
To understand wrongly; misinterpret: mistook my politeness for friendliness.
To recognize or identify incorrectly: He mistook her for her sister.

To Dan:

-They never said anything about their dad for sympathy.


Mom Weaver: "DON'T WE'RE ENCOURAGING EVERYONE!" when earlier that day she says/screams in her annoying old voice "SLOW DOWN!" to the Linzes boat driver."

That's just part of the show. The Linzes have also done things against them and they started it. Yeah not an excuse for keep going on about it, but still.

"After one of the Godlewski sisters is kind enough to sympathise with Rebecca she says "I hate the Desperate Housewives, they're so fake." "

To me, they did sound fake. That was just a misunderstanding.

"And who could forget those idiots teasing other families when they got yielded, and Mama Weaver's hypocritical comment to DJ "Well we still have a yield left and you don't Sweets." "

That part made me laugh 'cause DJ was so nervous 'cause he didn't know how to answer, but yeah, that's also part of the whole game. If i had to use my yield against the other teams, I think I would've used it, but just so they know how it feels to be yielded. In case you didn't notice, all of the teams who did bad stuff against the Weavers(stuff that they shouldn't have done because there was actually no reason to) paid for that. Even the Linzes said it to themselves like in the middle of the race, that whenever they did something to the other teams to put themselves ahead it always came back to them.

"They are the most suckiest family ever."

There you go again. Calling others names. Would you like it if I and other people went on about how you can't use proper words to communicate, instead of insults?

Posted by: David at December 21, 2005 2:46 AM Now think hard about this - they were picked on because they did not live up to what they were professing to be. If the Weavers had been eliminated, let's say third, then this would not still be going on. And my final thought: god did not create man, man created god. There's something to think about.


I never said the Weavers behaved like angels. What I said was that I don't think it's fair that they don't go, for example, the Godlweskis and the Linzes about what bad stuff they did during the race the same way they're doing with the Weavers. Well now that the race is over people keep going on about it as if it was part of their lives. God did create men. There are documents that states that. I don't wanna go on into this since it's completely off-topic, but do some research on documments from the past or you can always travel to Jerusalem to see them for yourself. They were written by politicians, enemies of Jesus back them and that's where the Catholic bible came from, but you'll find out when you die.

Posted by: David at December 21, 2005 2:53 AM

Poor NORMAL christians.

The Weavers suck arse ... you don't pray EVERY SINGLE MOMENT about useless crap like "dear god i hope we beat the other teams amen" or "dear gold help us find *insert object*"

They blow.


Believe or not God can help you with anything. He helped Joyce& I forgot the name win the last race, but that's a different story since it's different people with different stories. They were already strong when they got in the race. You know God helps you with EVERYTHING and he does everything for a reason. I'm sure he won't help you since you don't believe in him.

Posted by: David at December 21, 2005 2:56 AM

Quote: The Weavers never said they were above all that.

What frickin show are you watching? You're just as ignorant as the damn Weavers because you obviously have no frickin idea what went on.

When they were first yielded...Ma Weaver advised her children (one of the only times on the race mind you) to just "let it go, we're above all that"

Quote: Then all they did was praying to God to guide them and stuff,

---Um, no...thats what true religious people do...the Weavers kept asking for them to help them find stuff on a map and get ahead of the other teams. God giving them guidance is not showing them something on a map when they ask for it.

Quote: The Linzes have also done things against them and they started it.

---Started what!!!??? Once Ma Weaver told their boat driver to go slow thats when things really took off. This was before the yield but if she says they're above all that, why the hell did she do it in the first place.
Might I add that things that were unnecessary were Ma Weaver yelling at Alex during the Panama roadblock with her "stop that, we're encouraging everyone!" And in the finale when she yelled at Alex in that god awful voice of hers..."no don't touch him!" in the airport. Maybe she didn't see that Rolly happened to be playfully punching back as was Alex, giving Rolly a pat in the side.

Quote: -They never said anything about their dad for sympathy.

---Again I ask, what frickin show are you watching!? Did you not see nor hear what Ma Weaver was spilling to that go kart guy? "My husband was killed by a racecar so I need someone to be very compassionate with me" That is most definitely asking for sympathy by using their dead daddy's story.

Quote: To me, they did sound fake. That was just a misunderstanding.

---You must come from the same circle as the Weavers because you say things that are so much alike. If the Godlewski's were so rude...they wouldn't have taken the time in the first place to go over and console the Weavers.

Quote: Would you like it if I and other people went on about how you can't use proper words to communicate, instead of insults?

--- You should speak for yourself, did you get homeschooled by Ma Weaver? Your grammar is horrible.
-then all they did was praying to God
-the Linzes didn't go around the praying and everything

I'm getting the impression you're one of those spoiled ignorant goody-two shoes rich kids. Shut up with your BS about defending the Weavers BS.

"You're in the minority so screw you"...I really should say f-you though cause you deserve it.

Posted by: Andrew at December 21, 2005 2:29 PM

Quote: I'm sure he won't help you since you don't believe in him.

Dear David,

Yes it is true, some people like me do not believe in God. However i respect the religion (and it seems that you don't either as you would have said 'He' instead of 'he') and i have christian friends. What i respect the most about the religion is that my friends seem to pray for other people and their families instead of useless crap like 'Dear God, let's beat the other teams and help her find it.'

Ha you make me laugh. Comparing the awesome Uchenna and Joyce to the scum that is the Weaver family.

Godlewski's sympathy fake? Sure buddy, everyone who cares about other people is fake to you. That's why you like the self-obsessed Weavers so much.

Posted by: Dan at December 22, 2005 3:33 AM

those chicks are fucking sexy

Posted by: jack at August 29, 2006 2:19 PM