December 1, 2005

Karen Heins

I hear it playing, and it's playing for Leslie


You know, Linda, funny you should mention the "stupid music." I was just musing about that tonight as I was watching last night's episode of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. The two teams were challenged to spend $65,000 (!!!) to design and execute a showroom for a new Buick that is trying to be classy enough to be considered a Cadillac. Team Primarius, the sensible team, decided to make a minimalist design with black contemporary benches surrounding a silver platform in the middle that featured the car. It looked nice and the GM executives liked it so much they decided to use it in their 2700 showrooms around the country! I saw the relief in their faces as they realized they wouldn't have to use that "I like my car so much I took it out to dinner" campaign they had been busy planning.

So imagine their horror when they saw the final result of Team Matchstick's $65,000 disaster. It consisted of some platforms stacked on top of each other with some dirty canvas tarps thrown over them and a vase of flowers in the middle (see above photo). The idea was that the car was so luxurious that you wanted to take it into the restaurant with you, hence the slogan "No Valet Necessary." Too bad the "restaurant" looked like it had been built by the outcasts on Survivor. Even Alexis was appalled, "The elegant restaurant just wasn't elegant."

Now, for the record I thought the "take your car to dinner" idea was cute (being Ryan's idea, how could it not be?), but as soon as Team Matchstick started putting it together, the "stupid music" began and it quickly became apparent that Matchstick was going to lose, even though Jim and Betheny of Primarius were bickering like five-year-old children throughout their project. The music drove home the point that Project Manager Leslie Sanchez was simply not content to ruin the United States of America (by creating expensive Republican marketing campaigns directed at Hispanic voters for the Bush administration), but she wanted to ruin Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as well, by using her dubious market research skills to, as Martha put it, "talk a lot but say very little," and eventually produce nothing. Way to go Leslie! Now that Martha has kicked you out, you can go back to writing Republican propaganda and being generally tacky.

On a side note, did anyone find Dawna and MSLO CEO Susan Lyne strikingly similar-looking? I think that could work either for or against Dawna, depending on whether there is room for another blonde at MSLO.

Posted by Karen Heins in - Martha - on December 1, 2005 11:18 PM


I think I'm in love with Jim now. Especially when he refers to himself in the third person ("Jim is a master of this game!") Hot.

Posted by: Linda at December 2, 2005 9:43 AM

Also, thank you Karen for digging up the dirt on Leslie!! This just proves what I've suspected all along -- despite the fact that she looks like Darlene from Wickedly Perfect's Cuban sister, she sucks.

Posted by: Linda at December 2, 2005 9:50 AM

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