November 16, 2005

Linda Ruiz

There's a tear in my beer


Cuz I'm cryin' for you dear... Sigh, there was no Amazing Race last night because the Country Music Awards were on instead. Poo! Get your priorities straight, CBS! I know this season of TAR is lame-ish, but it's still better than watching a bunch of rednecks in jeans so tight I don't know how they have functional sperm croon about their trailer park sweeties and bein' poor.

So alas, there was a tear in my beer apple martini last night as I realized I'd have to go another week without my Philzy-poo and my pink sistas.

But I awoke this morning and, hooray! Reality Blurred had recapped a lost episode! Actually, it was a fake episode, but it was so great, I'm pretending it really happened. Yay, the Weavers are going to hell!

Posted by Linda Ruiz in That's a turkey! on November 16, 2005 9:48 AM