November 7, 2005

Karen Heins

Top 10 Men of Reality TV

Reading Linda's delightful Top 10 Ladies of Reality TV list the other day got me thinking about all the members of the not-as-fair sex on all my favorite shows! There have sure been some characters, and I think they deserve a little Hall of Fame just for themselves! There is something they all seem to have in common, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

Anyway, ENJOY, and please let me know if you agree or how you would rank them differently!

Love, Karen

10. Bobby Trendy, The Anna Nicole Smith Show [bio]


I never saw Anna Nicole Smith's show, but I just love Mr. Trendy's cute sparkly leopard print throw blankets! They are adorable! It's interesting to think that a young social butterfly like Mr. Trendy could have exactly the same taste as a 42-year-old mom like me!

9. Jay McCarroll, Project Runway [bio]


Mr. McCarroll was the winner of his reality show, which is quite an achievement! While I did have a soft spot for Austin Scarlett (that dress made out of corn was SO CUTE!), you have to give Jay his due credit for making it through and competing with that cheating girl who got alll those designer shoes for free!

8. Ted Allen, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy [bio]


Ted is just such a charmer... I mean, if he weren't gay and I weren't married... Phew! We could make such beautiful arugula salads together!

7. Reichen Lehmkuhl, The Amazing Race [bio]


Reichen and his husband Chip won their season of The Amazing Race, and I give them all the props in the world. Looking at those big naked biceps of his, I don't doubt for a second that he could haul himself up a cliff in two seconds flat (I'm SORRY Linda, I'm SORRY! I said I'm SORRY, okay?? GEEZ!).

6. Brian Corridan, Survivor: Guatemala [bio]


Brian is so smart (he is, after all, in the IVY LEAGUE!), but ended up being cleverly played by his tribemates, one of which was a "more masculine" lady.

5.Danny Roberts, Real World: New Orleans [bio]


Remember this guy? He had so much to teach the world (i.e., Real World viewers) about being a homosexual, and to think his boyfriend was in the army and couldn't show his face on national TV! Danny now has a website with his partner, Paul (who isn't in the army anymore), but I couldn't look at it for long because it kept playing awful music and it gave me a migraine. I know you love Josh Groban, Linda, but he just rubs me the wrong way.

4. Paw-Paw, Martha Stewart's Chow-Chow dog [bio]


Paw-Paw always tries to be there for all the important moments in Martha's life, and was even featured in the introductory shots of her new daytime show until it was cut for time. He continues to be Martha's inspiration behind the scenes and I suspect he will make an appearance on The Apprentice before the end of the season, hopefully to bark, "GoodBYE, Bethenny."

3. Richard Hatch, Survivor: Borneo [bio]


Also large and furry, but slightly less cuddly than a Chow-Chow dog is first-ever Survivor winner Richard Hatch. He really is an unlucky guy... After spending his prize money on "not liposuction," he then got arrested (twice)! However, he is so brilliant and tricky that he even weasled his way into my Top 3! Well done, Richard.

2. J. Alexander, America's Next Top Model [bio]


Even though he is called Miss J., he is still TECHNICALLY a man, and boy does he do everything right! He can walk, dress, style, move, and most importantly: nurture all the poor skinny girls that are put into his care. And even though it bugs me when Tyra uses this word, J. Alexander is truly one of the FIERCEST characters on the airwaves!

1. Mark Burnett, Reality TV Pioneer [bio]


He is the man who started it all. Linda and I owe our Amazing experience to Mr. Burnett and we are very grateful (even though I do feel that rock climbing challenge so late in the race was PRETTY UNFAIR, and I just hope it wasn't his idea, even though I suppose it helped the larger narrative arc somehow). Anyway, congratulations Mark Burnett! You are the clear winner of the Just Us Moms! Top 10 Men of Reality TV competition!

Posted by Karen Heins in That's a turkey! on November 7, 2005 9:44 PM


Nice list Karen!

Pulling yourself up a rock wall </3

Posted by: Ken at November 8, 2005 4:10 PM

I was home "sick" last week and saw Reichen on a soap opera playing a bartender. He handed a drink to someone and said, earnestly, "Here you go, Ma'am." But he was still hot.

Posted by: Howard Bannister at December 19, 2005 5:33 PM

You put Miss J on the mens list yet you put Clay on the Womens list ? I know you think he looks like K.D. Lang and I agree. That does not make him fit into the womens list does it ?

Posted by: swfnottwiggy at January 13, 2007 9:24 PM