October 9, 2005

Karen Heins

Who can resist?


I'm with you, Linda, in voting for the Godlewski gals, not only as my favorite family team, but also as my prediction to win it all. I think you and I could have won if we had had FOUR strong ladies on our team. They are a shoo-in for sure.

But as for why America loves little Carissa Gaghan, just look at the above photo. Who could resist a cute little 9-year-old carrying dead bodies off a battle field? It's so patriotic, and tragic, and... well... CUTE! The Godlewskis are no slouches though. Check out their body-lifting effort in a photo after the jump.

I'm getting excited for this week's episode, but can we please have some snacks at the party other than scrambled ostrich egg, Linda? I think I had my fill of that in Tanzania. It may have looked delicious to you from the SIDELINES, but that was work!

Carrying the fallen like true heroes. You go, girls!

Posted by Karen Heins in That's a turkey! on October 9, 2005 9:54 PM