October 5, 2005

Linda Ruiz

The sky is blue

The sea is… green? I always thought it was blue, too, but I’ve never actually been to Washington, DC. Maybe the water out there just isn’t very clean.

Anyway, last night CBS brought us episode 2 of The Amazing Race: Family Edition, and I must admit, I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the family dynamic, and I think the cast of characters this season is pretty interesting. But the race itself is definitely watered down, or at least it was last night. It’s not really the lack of travel to exotic locales, or the “race through American history” theme that bothers me. It’s the super-easy, even cheesy Detours and Roadblocks (or road-blaaaahcks, as the Godlewski gals say). See Exhibits A and B. Oh well, I’ll stop being negative. The show itself was still pretty entertaining. Plus there are funny pictures after the jump.

The episode began with all of the teams driving off to a big house shaped like a shoe. They had to race all the way up NEARLY TWENTY STEPS to get to the flag at the top! Oops, that was sarcastic, and I promised to be positive. Sorry. Sadly, the Godlewski gals’ first-place lead quickly evaporated while driving to the death-defying shoe-house challenge, as they slipped to third place. Gotta get with the program ladies, can’t take those little leads for granted!

Next it was off to our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Now, I may live in Palmdale, CA, but I certainly have a pretty good sense of American geography, or at least, you know, common-knowledge facts that even 6-year-olds know, like that Pennsylvania is a state and that Washington, DC is not actually in a state. It’s its own special little place, because, you know, it’s like, the capital of America. The Weavers, however, spent the ride debating whether they were going to Washington State or to Maryland. Hopefully Jesus will help them find Washington, DC, and perhaps give them a crash course in sixth-grade geography along the way. Oops, there goes negative Linda again! Tsk tsk.

On the way to DC, Billy Gaghan did an excellent impersonation of Marion Paolo when she gets pissed.

You boys better COOL IT!!! I swear to frickin’ God!

Side note: Did anyone notice the Godlewski gals' “new look” this week? Last week they featured the (mostly) all-pink ensemble. But this week, whoa! T-shirts with silk-screened photos on them! Photos of what, you ask? Well, I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like pictures of each other!!! I’m not joking, look for yourself.


Can you tell? Are they photos of each other? The last one actually reminds me a bit of this photo, but maybe her boob is just making the face look weird.

Fast-forward to Washington, DC, and the teams have to find a clue next to the reflecting pool at the Capitol. Notice I emphasized the at the Capitol part, because apparently there are two pools! Oh you sneaky Amazing Race producers!! This threw a number of teams off as they wasted tons of time at the other pool. Surprisingly, the Weavers had little trouble with this. I half-expected them to ask, “What is the U.S. Capitol? Is that a state?? I think it’s on the border of Washington State and Maryland, near a park called Pennsylvania.”

Next it was on to the Road-blaaaahck, which was a covert spy operation! Tres exciting!! Actually, not really. It was pretty boring. My favorite “spy” was the one Tammy found. Very covert-looking indeed.

After trading briefcases, spy-lady turned to the camera and moaned, “LAMBORGHINI!”

OK, I know this is an Amazing Race blog. But I can make an Apprentice joke, can’t I? For those who don’t watch that show, you're missing out. Check out this hilarious clip. (via TVGasm)

After the exhilarating covert operation, the teams were on to somewhere in Virginia-tucky, where they were faced with a Detour which gave them the choice of lighting lamps or carrying “wounded soldiers,” a.k.a. desperate actors who couldn’t get a better gig than doing a civil war re-enactment on the Amazing Race.

My agent is so fired.

The Weavers blew through the lamp-lighting to finish in first place, winning a trip to somewhere I can’t remember, not that they know where it is anyway. The Linz family rebounded from near-elimination last week to place second this time, and our favorite formerly-pink-ladies fell to third place. As always on TAR, the real battle was over last place. It was the Paolos versus the Rogers, and ultimately the Rogers got the boot. I hope Mr. Rogers felt really stupid watching this episode because he was a total jerk to his son, and was basically the reason his family finished last. Thankfully the Paolos will live to see another day, and we can look forward to another week of their zany antics. Yes, they fight a lot, but I like them.

So what did all of YOU think? Will the Godlewski gals regain their lead, and (more importantly) their coordinated pinkness? Will the teams finally get on a plane, or better yet eat something gross and barf some of it back up? Will the next episode be less boring, or will I have to rely on screen captures with silly captions to entertain myself again?

Posted by Linda Ruiz in Recap corner on October 5, 2005 12:19 PM


I certainly hope they do get on a plane next week. Watching them drive from place to place is an absolute snooze.

And what is up with those Weavers...just when I think they can't get any more stupid...they actually ask where the capital of THEIR OWN country is. If your such friends with the good lord, get him to send you a detailed map of the US.

Glad to see the Linz family come up from last and finish 2nd...I love that Bengals jersey Tommy was wearing too.

What I would not give to see a double elimination next week. The Paollos need to go because of their constant fighting, and the Weavers need to get the heck off the race and head back to elementary school.

Posted by: Andrew at October 5, 2005 4:19 PM

Another accurately reported, finely detailed and very funny post once again Linda. Bravo! Now please god, get these people on a plane to a foreign country before I lose my mind!

Posted by: Gail Pink at October 5, 2005 6:19 PM

Linda you crack me up! You're outrunning me, girlfriend... I've gotta get typing...

Posted by: Karen at October 5, 2005 10:07 PM